body spoon

body spoon
ملعقة إزالة الانبعاجات

English-Arabic automotive engineering dictionary. 2015.

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  • body spoon — A tool with a flat contoured working surface like a spoon. It is used to slap out dents and is sometimes used in place of a dolly when it is too difficult to reach behind the panel …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • spoon — [1] A tire iron tool used to remove a tire (especially a bicycle or motorcycle tire) from its rim. Usually two or three spoons are necessary to do the job. Using a flat blade screwdriver instead of a spoon may puncture the tube. [2] See body… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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  • metalworking spoon — See body spoon …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • surface spoon — A special body spoon with a relatively long, smooth working surface set at a steep angle to the handle …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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